Local Awareness Mobile Boards - LAMB

For some time now, I've been looking to start a project that would enhance the awareness, marketing and publicity of Wolverhampton's 3rd sector.

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How can we use people, and local assets to make Wolverhampton a better place?

Hello everyone

For some time now, I've been looking to start a project that would enhance the awareness, marketing and publicity of Wolverhampton's 3rd sector.

The resultant programme is the 'Local Awareness Mobile Boards' project – ‘LAMB’ for short.

What is LAMB? A viable and sustainable initiative, designed to make 'hard to reach', dis-enfranchised, vulnerable groups / peoples and communities in Wolverhampton, aware of the various organisations, collective groups, services, training, websites and benefits available to help them.

How will we do it? By using the MonVal electrically assisted bicycles to tow advertising trailers carrying the various information mentioned above. The bikes will either act as static billboards in and /or patrol the relevant areas at the relevant times that we know the particular targeted group will be around.

Please see the following Flickr link pictures to get a general idea of how the whole combination will look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85205230@N07/

Why use this particular bike? 1) Towing anything heavy by bicycle is physically very demanding, so using a powerful electric assist will make this task much easier. 2) The fact that this bike can carry two batteries up front, increases the range a rider can travel and when one battery runs out of charge, it takes seconds to plug in the second battery. 3) This bike has a ‘one size fits all’ design, so as long as the riders are between 5ft 3 and 6ft 7, they’ll all be able to ride the same bike, reducing the number of bikes required to deliver this project and storage costs. 4) The ergonomic design of the riding position, combined with the electrical assist, will make the act of cycling much more comfortable and easier than using a conventional bicycle design. 5) Utilising these bikes with the afore mentioned criteria, will make it easier to entice and retain a wider ability and age range of riders.

How will the project sustain itself? The project will sustain itself by getting commercial interests to advertise with us via a combination of attractive pricing for this kind of promotion and the fact that by advertising with us, they will be subsidising the costs of a charity or other good concern to do the same. To make this happen, we have put aside 4x bikes. 3x for commercial advertising and 1x dedicated to 3rd sector advertisers. The fees charged for the 3x commercial advertising bikes, will cover the costs of a rider for the dedicated ‘3rd sector’ bike, and this is how the subsidised 3rd sector advertising will be achieved.

Examples of commercial advertising:- awareness of vacant office spaces, forthcoming events, websites, public initiatives, local shops advertising their existence and products, etc, etc.

Opportunities As there are no such projects in Wolverhampton or anywhere else in the West Midlands, if this pilot is successful, it could be rolled out nationwide.

Renting out the services of the bikes and trailers to local businesses, charities and community groups, will enable them to have a low cost, locally targeted advertising/marketing of their services and wares in the particular area that they wish to attract clients from.

Assistance required Your help in sourcing a group/organisation, that might be interested in partnering or assisting this sort of project, would be greatly appreciated.

Please forward comments, feedback, information and advice, that you feel would be helpful.

Best regards

Andrew Walters