Develop a cultural/business zone in city centre

Bring a heartbeat back to Wolverhampton by creating a creative, social and vibrant new centre to the city which we can be proud of.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Gummers
How can we use people, and local assets to make Wolverhampton a better place?

Wolverhampton needs a heart beat again, we need to develop a zone that will benefit the residents of wolverhampton. A place in which people can socialise and meet ie Cafes and restaurants. Free flexible meeting rooms/office space to encourage new business and attract more people to the city.STEM projects that children can get involved in and develop an interest in he subject. Spaces for cultural events and projects. Events such as local dance companies/schools to showcase their work. Projects that can have input from different people from all over wolverhampton, as well as visitors to he city.

Wolverhampton is a ghost town centre espicially at night, we need to turn it into a vibrant place that we can be proud of.