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Create a scheme where the entire allotment surplus is collected and gathered

No_avatar_small Submitted by C├ęcile
How can we use people, and local assets to make Wolverhampton a better place?

31 allotments in Wolverhampton! The 31 allotments represent a great amount of food produced. We can also add local residents who are keen vegetables gardeners. Not all the fruit and vegetables produced either in the allotments or private gardens are consumed or bottled and a certain amount is thrown away. There is also a great amount of fresh food which is thrown away daily by the supermarkets and other local shops. My suggestion is to create a scheme where the entire surplus is collected and gathered. It could be either sold in a shop or transformed (cooked) and sold in a cafeteria. The money generated could be used to sustain the premises. This idea could be used in conjunction with other ideas submitted. The benefits of the scheme would contribute to Wolverhampton to fulfil its sustainability charter and provide an example of good practice in helping to reduce waste and the alleviation of poor diet and lack of fresh produce in some parts of the city. Cooking lessons could be arranged around the seasonal produce received and people from different cultures could share their recipes. There are un-used facilities at certain times of the year in the Adult Education Service (kitchen facilities at The Maltings) and schools. It could also lead to intergenerational and intercultural dialogue where elderly people who are receiving meals on wheels could come once a week and not just cook their own foods but share their meals with other people. A lot of elderly people who leave alone lose appetite because they do not feel motivated to buy groceries or cook .Who likes to eat alone? Meals are not just a matter of sustenance, but they are also a social outlet.