Uniform swap / rental for primary children

Most primary schools have uniforms which can cost a lot of money particularly for poorer familiies.

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Most primary schools have uniforms which can cost a lot of money particularly for poorer familiies.

For this to work, ideally all primary schools would have the same uniforms.

Parents could take outgrown, but still in good condition uniform to a central point (or the local school). Instead of parents buying uniform outright they could pay an amount to rent the uniform for a term or a year. When the uniform is returned in good condition most of the 'renal' moey would be returned to the parent.

Uniform that is ruined would not recieve a refund. Parents on benefits could pay this directly from benefits, othe parents could pay by direct debit.

The council would have to invest in some uniforms to start. Uniform collection could be done centrally once a year, or once a term (3 times a year) an empty shop could be converted for a week.

Alternatively a retal shop could 'pop up' in a school.

You would need to have some sort of storage and some volunteers to run the shops, some funding to buy the initial unifors as there may not be enough donations of used clothing.

If the uniform is a bundle of eg 1 pair of trousers, 2 skirts, 5 tops and 2 jumers/cardigans and one summer dress (this is a girl's bundle) it would be easier and quicker. bundles could be ordered online. People who are on income support or recievve child tax credits could be given help with the cost.

When a child outgrows an item of clothing they will be able to swap for a larger size at no extra cost. A second rental could be made for coats and wellies for winter.


for the child - they always have the orrect uniform, uniform that is lost can be reunited with the renter as it will all be labelled

for parents - no worries about buying a whole new uniform whenever a child starts school, no worries about the child outgrowin their clothing.

for the school - all children will have uniform so no chasing up.

Costs - minimal, the running of a town centre shop, if the shop is owned by the council the council could donate the cost of the rental and power for a week. Volunteers could be used to staff the shop so could recieve expenses.