Wolverhampton Community Recycling

Recycling good quality furniture and other household items

No_avatar_small Submitted by Jim Smith
How can we use people, and local assets to make Wolverhampton a better place?

Good quality and clean unwanted furniture/ household goods/ electrical goods (standard would need to be specified)received from: * Wolverhampton Homes voids. This can also include other RSL's. This will drastically reduce void costs and unneccesary landfill use, helping to meet recycling objectives of the City. (I have done the research) * Also service to collect above from residents of Wolverhampton. This service would also help to alleviate flytipping across the City when resident do not want to pay for the present service.

Items to be sold via business to: * Other residents * Voucher system linked to Homeless services, Assylum Seekers & Refugee's, Social Services saving considerable expense? Will provide value for money for WCC and resident.

Local Training and employment provision (maybe apprenticeship) linked to: * Lifting and handling * Repair/ testing of electrical items, etc * Cash handling * Health & Safety and a number of other areas.

Make further use of vehicles/ staff by also offering furniture removals as a secondary service.

The above is quite brief as requested but i have done a fair amount of previous research on this subject and have already resolved potential barriers.