Midland Allstars

The Midland All-stars are a popular media and entertainment platform dedicated to promoting undiscovered talent in the Midlands

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How can we use people, and local assets to make Wolverhampton a better place?

WHO ARE THE MIDLAND ALLSTARS? The Midland All-stars are a popular media and entertainment platform dedicated to promoting undiscovered talent in the Midlands. As well as a platform for artist promotion, that caters mainly for independent artist we also look to be the internet’s foremost information source for urban entertainment in the Midlands urban music scene. “We want to make stars and celebrities of the talented local artists we endorse. Youngsters will be able to watch their favour MCs on videos, and listen to them on podcast whenever they want. The look of the website and visuals will be quality and well put together. ” Through our …. •YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/midlandallstarstv •Website - http://midlandallstars.co.uk/ •Music production at our recording studios •Online podcast/ radio shows …. the Midland All-Stars aims to display a wide variety of content, including music freestyles, studio recording sessions, and backstage interviews, as well as amateur content such as video blogging and short original videos. The project is overseen by DJ Apostle and John Paul, and a team of programmers and volunteers. a)Midland Allstars - YouTube channel

Consistency is the key to getting views. Constant new information will be favoured on by YouTube and will make it easier to be offered a YouTube partnership.

Content consist of:

•Freestyles (3 min clips of artist MCing/singing over beat produced in house) •Videos (music videos filmed and edited by our team in house) •Acoustic sessions (videos filmed /edited by our in house team. In house musicians perform with artist) •Studio sessions (studio recording sessions are filmed/ edited by in house cameramen) •Interviews •Nightlife •Drama series

You have to be approved for partnership, so you'll have to get the views first. They don't just give you partnership because you asked. There are specific criteria that your channel's eligibility will be based on.

We believe that YouTube is probably one of the most popular services online

John Paul


You can make money before being approved for full partnership by having videos invited into the IVP program, which grants you the opportunity to earn revenue from specific videos that have gotten enough views in a short enough period of time to get invited into the program.

By adding premium partners videos on our blogs and sites we can generate revenue. As we have an Adsense account, we log in and get the code for ‘video units’. Once we have created a YouTube Video Player we then customize it according to the various categories, key words, and content providers.We also will aim to try and run affiliate ads on YouTube videos.

We pride ourselves in providing regular quality video content. Perhaps, in a few years we may soon become a ‘premium’ publisher and Google will split ad revenues with the Express and Star.

We have a website which is basically a video blog that features various videos we have uploaded onto YouTube. The content can be recorded by a Video journalist or quick freelance from readers from across the Midlands.

We also will be considering accepting direct ads on our YouTube content. As we are uploading our own videos on a regular basis, we have a decent amount of subscribers which means we should be accepting ads on our videos.

We can also enrich our revenue using YouTube videos to sell our services. If you sell an item on an online shop and you are able to compliment your listings with YouTube videos, then it will be useful. We also can link to our sales page on our YouTube. This can help bring video viewers to visit our sales page.

b)Midland Allstars - Music Production Our objective is to give talented artists and musicians a creative environment to work in with the goal of building a strong team, developing talent and eventually producing EP’s, mixtapes and albums. As of today all those involved in the creative process are:

KJ - acoustic sessions/songwriter KREPS - song writer TOM - produce FIGZ- team leader/producer DAPZ - artist CALLIE – artist RUTH – artist BRUTAL - artist

There will be group meetings every Wednesday and individual sessions will be organised by Figz and the different artists.

They will also be responsible for participating in video sessions for Acoustic sets and live performances. They will assist with putting quality content on the YouTube channel.


We aim to produce a considerable amount of quality music throughout the year and use our contacts and resources to enable us to gain radio play, get regular bookings, sell music through digital outlets at a fifty percent split and hopefully achieve a major publishing deal.

c)Midland Allstars - WEBSITE- www.midlandallstars.co.uk

The website will promote our business online explaining our business services, show images/video of work, price list etc just like a brochure does.

Our editable word press site will provide us with the opportunity to grow a website around its structure. The website will be the hub drawing all elements of the Midland Allstars together. Our clear strategy is to use the content of news from around region, videos, audios etc to attract more viewers and visitors. It will be user friendly and attractive, helping users to become loyal customers and revisit again and again. HOW WILL THIS MAKE MONEY? Advertising on the Website will eventually be another source of income once the traffic is built up. We will work hard to drive quality traffic to our website by promoting it to the Top 10 search results on the leading search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will assist us in bringing more traffic to the website. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising through Google AdWords will help our business be seen on other search engines. Social Media Marketing is what we have been currently using to create a buzz for the website. Twitter and Facebook have been very helpful in helping us to gain views and subscriber on our YouTube account.


Midlands Allstars Recording studio is a professional studio run by Dominic Laird who has the knowledge, experience and equipment to take care of all your audio needs. He offers a wide range of services for artists of all musical styles, corporate clients and creative firms. HOW WILL THIS MAKE MONEY? As of January next year the studio price will raise to £12.50 per hour. The Monthly rent will be abolished in favour of an hourly rate of £2.50 payable to Landlord on a daily basis. In order to achieve this Dominic’s and Landlords calendars will need to be synced so Landlord can clearly see what is due at the end of the day. e)Midlands Allstars Show– Radio/Podcast This show is recorded in the studio with host of the show, Dapz and Macca and DJ Apostle every Wednesday and uploaded onto our site on Friday. On the Midland All-Stars Show you’ll get weekly updates on all your favorite Midlands icons/celebrities like: Trilla, Dapz on the Map, C4, Stayfresh, Invasion, and many, many more. You won’t miss out on news that important to you.

HOW DOES THIS MAKE MONEY? We can promote events and latest music being recorded in the studio. Therefore, we can save a lot of money. Eventually, as the listener figures grow, we will be able to charge for advertising on this platform.