Cool,young,creative pop up space

fifa football tournaments,call of duty touraments, and anything else that is either unique or not being catered for

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How can we use people, and local assets to make Wolverhampton a better place?


I run a number of niche events in the city centre, and have also ran a large successfull promotion from 2008/2010 called Cloud 9. I am about to enter my third year at wolverhampton university studying Event & Venue Management.

My current ventures include a battle rap event called 'Barmageddon' which runs during a saturday afternoon at the quadrant bar in lichfield street. Barmageddon is like modern day poetry but using the 'Rap' format, and it is really beggining to catch on around the city with people from all ages and backgrounds attending, and plenty of younger kids contacting me with the hope of battling and future events.

Please check out the youtube page for this event @

You will notice that our videos have a great number of views for such a new event.

I also run a monthly event on a sunday called 'Film Club' where its a chance for people to come and watch a variety of classic or niche films. I would like to develop this further by bringing in local film makers who have produced short-film/mini documentarys etc.

My idea is to move these events and create more such as fifa football tournaments,call of duty touraments, and anything else that is either unique or not being catered for, movedinto its own designated and vibrant space which will then become 'THE' go-to venue for a wide variety of events appealing to both young dissadvantged youth who feel the city centre offers nothing for them, and for mature people who want to experience the type of events they may have encountered in bigger city's, and are left with a feeling of 'why do we not have such things in our hometown'. The feedback i receive from these events thus far, from people of varying age groups, is that it leaves them feeling very proud of their city and its creative side, and with the hope that more unique events are bought into the city centre, without the hassle of finding venues that will or wont accomodate based on what type of event they wish to stage, or failing to carry out ideas due to financial issues.

My idea is for a medium sized vacant shop, or other venue which i may not currently be aware of, and turn it into 'THAT' place.the name of the venue would simply be called 'SPACE' as it doesnt tie the venue down to just music/arts/food etc.

Again i congratulate whoevers idea this is, as its something i was going to contact the council about..brilliant news :)

Happy wulfrunian