FutureGov Team Hack

What could FutureGov fix in a week?



FutureGovers love using design and elegant tech to create change. We usually work with local councils, running fun ideas and hack events that bring together designers, developers and social innovators to solve real world problems. And now it's our turn!

We're taking a week in August for the whole team to get stuck in to our very own internal hack event, and we're looking for problems to solve. We want YOU to tell us what we should work on in our first hack week. Whatever you post should be a real problem you think needs solving, with a clear description of the need and the people who might be affected. Ideally it should be something you think we could make a good start on if we applied all our power for a week.

We'll have a team vote and let you know if we pick your problem, and of course we'll keep you updated throughout the week on our blog (http://wearefuturegov.com/blog).