Pride of Place

How can we help bring pride and identity to a run-down or alienated community?

Me Submitted by Harriet McDougall
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I'm really interested in how a community can be rallied by visualising or enhancing a sense of place identity or commonality. For example through aesthetics, heritage, competition, sport, or craft skills. I'm wondering if there's anything we can do lightning-fast that could help rally a neglected high-street or suburb's residents into feeling they have something in common, or feel that the place they live is something to be proud of.


As the architects explain, "The High Road Leyton Pilot Shopfront Project is Waltham Forest’s first large-scale shopfront project that trials the Council’s vision. In the shadow of Europe’s largest indoor shopping mall that has just been completed in Stratford [Westfield], we spoke to retailers, interviewed the public, carried out historic research and prepared photographic surveys to devise a strategy that would enhance the standing of local retailers and create a thriving High Road Leyton. We found that what’s unique about the high street is its distinct local identity. The high street can offer something that is foreign to supermarkets, shopping centres and large chains; a unique character and a celebration of public local life."