FutureGov Goes Back to School

Is our model of schooling really the best thing for young people?

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Young people today - including those in difficult family circumstances are way more switched on with regard to tech, social issues and generally being all round resourceful.

So why is it so many of them opt out or fail in the school system?

The work foundation published an interesting report a while back on this and there are lots of varying stats but one that stands out is in excess of 1m 16-18 year olds not in education, employment or training.


I can't help thinking some of this will be rooted in what is going on in schools. I have some personal experience of how school just did not work for someone in my family. Felt very much in school = good out of school = bad. Can this be right?

There is also an interesting connection to changing nature of employment. Increasingly people need to create their own space in the world - not simply "get a job" provided by some one else.

Are schools addressing this and equipping young people for this?

Interested to explore what alternatives might look like...