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We have been greenwashed. Everyone says "ethical" "sustainable" "responsible" and yet those words have become banal and untrustworthy. Many normal (not just the hippies) consumers would, if given as simple and clear choice, choose an ethically, financially and socially sound product over another. However it is almost impossible to wade through articles, resources, scams and "green" websites to find the information to make that decision.

Is there a way to aggregate this info, make it a bolt on to your browser or some other smart way that you can be informed at the point of (online) purchase the credentials of that company. Be it that they avoid tax (vodafone have terrible conditions for their workers or your technology is powered by coal it would be great to have a way to access this information in a way that empowers the consumer to make an informed decision.

  • Ben Matthews
    15 Jul at 13:22

    Quite a few examples of ethical consumer apps here:

    I like the look of Good Guide:

    Good Guide -
    If you're committed to using your purchasing power to boycott or support companies on the basis of how they conduct their business, the ultra-thorough Good Guide is for you. Its researchers mined mountains of public data and scientifically rate corporations on whether their products are safe, green, healthy and ethical. Barcode scanning makes it particularly simple to retrieve info about an item before buying it. For iPhone and Android