It cost *how much*?

Ever wondered how much a meeting costs in people's time? You need 'How Much'...

Dom_serious Submitted by Dominic Campbell
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Ever been sat in meeting and looked around and thought "I wonder how much all this is costing?"

With How Much, you can log your team's hourly rates so that when you invite people to a meeting you can see the cost of running the meeting.

And not only that, but while you're in the meeting you can see the cost racking up - and give yourselves a pat on the back if you finish early and save your organisation money!

  • Harriet McDougall
    17 Jul at 09:36

    Couldn't this put pressure on organisers and discourage potentially valuable/essential conversations? Also, it wouldn't be too difficult for staff members to work out each others' hourly rate!

  • Dominic Campbell
    19 Jul at 06:23

    @Harriet - true enough or to encourage them to go under the radar and not record. but would be an interesting v quick app that could at least make a point... :) on hourly rate was thinking you might put in a standard representative rate for different roles etc?

  • Charis Croft
    22 Jul at 12:35

    Sure I've seen something like this elsewhere? Or mentioned at least, maybe as something some companies do in house to help keep meetings short.