Making abuse stop

Encouraging those suffering abuse to record incidents/fears and report it

No_avatar_small Submitted by Claire Sidebottom
FutureGov Team Hack
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There are lots of charities and agencies out there working extremely hard to support those suffering abuse in all its horrific forms. They are struggling to reach those too scared to talk to anyone or lacking the conviction to recognise what's actually happening to them. Not all scars are visible to the naked eye. There is an app out there already for people to gather evidence - Can we do something clever for those not ready to report abuse or for those who live in communities where abuse and torture of certain groups (usually women and children) is an unspoken, accepted fact, e.g. FGM? Not a pleasant subject, but a problem in the UK. It could include bullying, domestic violence, mental abuse, community specific abuse... Any sort of abuse or torture. Could we produce something to help them catalogue fears, something to help them connect with either a peer or professional support?