Give residents more control over planning permission

Lets give control to residents around transformation of their habitat

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So often a new building goes up or gets taken down that no one knows about until its too late. Often this is published in quarterly news letters that only reaches a fraction of local residents. By then it can be too late to get support from surrounding area, against a motion eg. Tescos. It may also be the case that only a fraction of the local population are on the ball and make a move to prevent an action, that the majority of the local population would be for. eg. a skate park or youth centre

To tackle this problem:

  • We could let people subscribe to a regular email informing people of all building in the local area.
  • Provide the capability for online petitions for and against projects. whether it be tescos, skate parks, wind farms... more subscription visibility, we have more control of what changes come to reality..