How can we support local makers to create and sell delightful disability aids

Img_1285 Submitted by Paul Brewer
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When you look at sites like you see how expensive, ugly and degrading specialised equipment often is for the disabled. I had a twitter conversation with someone some time ago who needed a new sheet for a special bed size and was really concerned about the prices she was finding at the conventional big suppliers. I suggested she find a local sewer to make one and she was very happy with the idea.

When you look through the catalogues there seem to be many things that could be made better and probably cheaper. These aids could be much more attractive and fun. "Makeable" would have a social dimension to it, putting makers together with people with disabilities to design new products and put them into production. There could be a kind of syndication where a network of makers shares out the work, to create enough efficiency in production to keep the costs down.