Let's make Councillors attractive (not like that)

The role of local councillor is pretty darn un-inviting. How can we fix that?

Hereto_angel Submitted by Jon Foster
FutureGov Team Hack
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The role of local councillor is unattractive to many people. The allowances, the time commitment (particularly in-flexibility and time of day of official council business), the internal conflict and politics, the poor recognition and many other things are pushing people away from local politics.

We're losing good councillors because of this. Cllr Alison Hernandez (Online Councillor of the Year, Councillor Camp attendee and general friend of FutureGov) stood down from her cabinet position earlier in the year because it was simply "untenable" whilst being a working parent.

We need good Councillors, let's make it possible to have them.