Let's hack the NGDP

What would it look like if the NGDP was modelled on something utterly different.

Hereto_angel Submitted by Jon Foster
FutureGov Team Hack
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The NGDP is vital in recruiting new talent to Local Government, but it's a bit tired now (see http://ngdp.org.uk/) and modelled on a very traditional graduate scheme model.

What would happen if it was based on the recruitment techniques of Mossad, an internship at NASA, or the way Facebook recruited in its first 12 months?

Let's strip things back and build a new graduate programme (or whatever we think we need) from scratch.

  • Laura Harper
    06 Dec at 22:07

    AGREED! And for all the people that missed out on the future-thinking localgov grad scheme, maybe we should set up a learning series to make up for the lack of continual professional development in organisations.