Public Service Launchpad

How would you change local public services?



Public Service Innovation Camp is being run as part of the Public Service Launchpad (

The Public Service Launchpad is all about supporting people to develop great ideas to make public services even better (and by public services we mean ALL public services - local councils, central government, charities, social enterprises, corporate social ventures).

We are looking for ideas for new ways to fix social problems, either by setting up totally new projects or by changing the way existing public services are delivered.

Your idea could be in very early stages - you may have just thought of it - or it might be something that you've been planning for a while. It needs to respond to a need or problem that you (and service users) have identified as not currently being adequately addressed by existing public services or social projects.

We will then feed these ideas into the Theme Camps that we are running throughout the four months of the Public Service Launchpad Scholarship (for more information see:

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