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Can a parent find all local activities for their 10-yr-old on Tue at 6pm? No?

20131026_145238 Submitted by Gary Todd
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How would you change local public services?

Why is it not possible? Brain fitness activities for a 72-yr-old? Opportunities for a 19-yr-old with Aspergers? Why isn't this easier?

Because the data is incompatible. There are 500+ UK LA websites alone that list subsets of service info, many limited by functionality and poor data quality, despite best efforts by council staff. None are connected across borders; each is bought separately; total s/ware cost is >£4m/annum!

BUT - there is a better way! SerViz.

Referring back to the original question, SerViz would revolutionise info delivery to 0-100+ through a single directory, managed locally (LAs must provide this public service by law under the Childcare Act 2006).  It's fully sustainable and free to LAs. No-one has ever brought together information from 15+ agendas in this way. The reason we are excited is because we know this will work.

1000 chars is not enough to explain how connected SerViz is. But after 2 years of planning, we're ready to make something very special.