An app that automatically notifies of local changes that matter to you.

Huey Submitted by Hassan Hoque
Public Service Launchpad
How would you change local public services?

Whether its public consultation on a policy change on education, social care, housing, planing or a new development that's taking place in your area this app will automatically notify you based on where you are and what matters to you.

The app will directly alert users and let you give your feedback through the mobile app and let you inform your friends on Facebook and Twitter that you have given feedback.

This will be an upgrade to e-government agenda for the mobile era. The publicly available data and existing electronic resources used by most local authorities and government departments can be linked to the app via API's so local authorities and government departments would not need to change or upgrade their systems.

AppsCluster has the technical resources to build the app - if enough time and resources can be allocated!