Public Design Shop

Public Service Design Studio situated in a high street shop

Simon Submitted by Simon O'Rafferty
Public Service Launchpad
How would you change local public services?

The process of commissioning and design public services is not very transparent for many people. Public Design Shop will address this by providing an accessible public service design studio on the high street. Council staff involved in the commissioning of civic projects and public services will work in the Shop alongside professional service and social designers and members of the public. There are a number of inspiring examples of co-working spaces and public service prototyping projects dotted around the world (e.g. DCCBeta, CommonRoom, Betahaus, HUB). The Public Design Shop will build on these to bring a new level of transparency and public awareness to the commissioning and design of public services and civic projects. The Shop could also be used for, among other things, events related to new public services, outreach between council staff and policy academics and public service prototyping sessions.