UCAN Centreplus

You apply the fantastic UCAN Centre model to existing jobcentreplus service

No_avatar_small Submitted by Tony Cottam
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How would you change local public services?

UCAN Centres are a Bolton only initiative which provides a fantastic customer focussed service in neighbourhoods based on the idea that you can't change without engaging. This model is currently working well across Bolton and the idea is to infect the current jobcentreplus service with the UCAN virus. This would fundamentally change the way they deliver by having services on site to support the customer and actually get to know what it is they want and can do. The 2 things normally stopping people getting into work are underlying health problems and debt. If you support customers with these you get to the job outcomes. I would start with one jobcentre and apply the UCAN ethos. Better for the customer better for the advisors better all round.