Job Centre Entrepreneurs Open Day

Open Day For Local Entrepreneurs To Come Together

Mgy Submitted by Michael Young
Public Service Launchpad
How would you change local public services?

As people get older they generally tend to become less employable as ageism creeps in, so from 40+ onwards it is likely to become more of an issue in finding employment as those people who are quite well educated with degrees or professional qualifications find that they are struggling in a ever more competitive job market.

Why not have open days when anyone in that category can come together and brainstorm some initiatives to provide real solutions to an ongoing problem.

I myself can provide one such solution which is already happening to a large extent and that is more and more people are taking the route of entrepreneurship , what I can offer people is a genuine "job" working from home , all they need is an internet connection and they can work there own hours providing a much needed service from there laptop.

  • Paul Mackay
    09 Oct at 15:30

    One model for this is the Transition Totnes Community Dragons event where people pitch ideas, and others in the community then pledge whatever they can offer to make it happen.