Third Sector Secondments

To improve understanding between 3rd and public sector through staff secondments

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The challenges on both sides for Councils and 3rd sector bodies (charities and social enterprises) to work better together are often discussed but my own observation shows how little the 2 understand each other, in fact how little local councils know about the organisations that exist.

Based on a central government idea, Council staff and 3rd sector staff could arrange an "in your shoes" swap, each working in the other's environment for at least a day, preferably a week. This should be compulsory for all commissioners as part of their training and development but optional for other Council staff.

Findings and observations could be shared on a blog to demonstrate the value and also share information on the variety of third sector bodies' work. This could also form the basis of a database of third sector bodies wishing to work with local councils.

  • Matt Clack
    08 Oct at 15:16

    I think this would be great, and could work either as a 'job exchange' (where interested individuals register, and an intermediary matches them to relevant organisations for them to shadow for a week) or simply setting up a system of sharing work space for an agreed time period.

    I’ve previously wondered about setting up a system similar to a council’s VCS grant funding programme, but offering staff instead of money. This might be an HR manager writing conduct policies, a performance monitoring officer helping with data reporting, or something more service specific like environmental health. This lacks the two-way aspects that your idea provides, but does retain a relationship and offers council support when funding may be harder to offer. Do you think VCS organisations would be interested in this?

    I really like the aspect you’ve included about blogging as a way of ensuring the learning is shared more widely.

  • Nicola Wilson
    08 Oct at 21:23

    I think it could definitely work and that organisations would be interested - skillshare activities and pro bono support are fairly common contributions from the private sector anyway.

    However, I suppose the one thing it may lack if they are doing their normal "day job" in the VCS setting is the real "in your shoes" aspect - ie to experience what it's like for someone, for example, trying to negotiate with a commissioner or seek funding from other sources- some of they key challenges the employees or volunteers may experience day to day.

    That said, your idea is almost a separate one and equally valid I think. Thanks for supporting this -I'm glad you liked my idea.

  • Noel Hatch
    02 Jan at 11:05

    When I joined local government, I did a few skill shares with different types of organisations who were leading in new ways of working to try and get under the skin of how they worked - i.e. Department for Business, Innovation & Skills on how they set up a new team on digital engagement and School of Everything on the different roles & working habits they adopted to run their startup. It also enabled them to come and find out the dynamics of how a council works, which you wouldn't necessarily know unless you worked there.

    The way I did it was through individuals I knew rather than the organisations themselves. They were people who I suspected were up for this kind of exchange.

    Matt, I really like your approach too, focusing on what resources the council has beyond money (which from working with community groups / entrepreneurs, what they often prefer is specialistic expertise like you describe than the equivalent in £).

    I wonder if encouraging this to happen informally or providing a formal approach (skills exchange programme) is more effective?