A discrimination index

A tool for measuring discrimination, so helping to target resources.

Anna_profile Submitted by Anna Leach
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Resources aimed at helping groups who face discrimination could be better targeted if we knew who faced what issues and where. The Discrimination Index would work in the way that Deprivation indices work - pulling in different indicators of discrimination - allowing a map of need to be created. Problems viewed more clearly can be treated more directly. There is a high cost to discrimination and social exclusion - to the individual and across a variety of local government services - social care, community cohesion. Factors such as the mental health of a particular group could be used in reverse to measure social exclusion and discrimination. Mental health figures are often taken to be indicators of social exclusion, eg. rates of anxiety/depression among trans people are 70%, vs to 10% generally. There are government indices on factors like poverty, and there are independent indicators on factors like livability. It would be difficult but valuable to have a handle on discrimination.