Care Makers

Helping people in care homes feel part of community by relearning how to make

Noel_hatch Submitted by Noel Hatch
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How would you change local public services?

How does your Idea solve the Challenge Question?

Helps people in care homes to relearn skills to “make & mend” they may have lost or may have thought about learning, while making the care home feel more like home through making stuff for it.

How does it work?

If you have budding artists in care homes who want to make something that makes their care home more attractive, they could show young people how to draw and the young people could show them how their design could be 3D printed.

Why is your idea different from other ones out there?

Public services focus on supporting ventures that are either targeted on specific groups of people or issues. This is different as it aims to support activities where people are helping each other feel they belonging in the community and share skills together that have a tangible use for those involved and those around them.