Welcome Info for New Residents

Shaping habits when people move home, by providing a personalised service map

Mc Submitted by Matt Clack
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How would you change local public services?

We know that habits are hard to break, especially when they've been entrenched for a while. This is especially true of travel habits, diet and exercise. Starting a new job or moving home are key 'trigger points', where a bit of information might help to improve some of their decisions.

Local authorities won't know when a resident changes job, but they do know when people move into the area (as they register for council tax or join the electoral roll). This is a great opportunity to share some ideas about different ways of travelling, and about the services in their local area. This would be so much more powerful if it was personalised- i.e if the council could produce a map for every new arrival, using their postcode to place them in the centre of a map with their nearest GP, park, library, bus stops etc. This could then be sent with the council tax registration.

So far everyone I've spoken to has said there isn't a cost-effective way of doing this. Are they right?

  • Laura Harper
    06 Dec at 22:29

    It must be possible! Even google must have half of this info on it already. Who have you been speaking to?

  • Matt Clack
    09 Dec at 09:16

    Thanks Laura! We have all the content mapped already on the council's website- the issue is then producing personalised versions (pinning a resident's property at the heart of the map) for every new arrival. I've met with our mapping service to discuss this now, and whilst they're confident it can be done we'll need to consider costs...!