Allow online voting

To counter apathy, voting in elections needs to be simplified. Use the internet!

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Apathy is incredibly widespread when it comes to politics at a national, local and European level. Whilst many will say they just aren't interested or they don't like the people standing for election, lots will also say that they simply "can't be bothered" to go to the polling station. To encourage an increase in voter turnout, the process needs to be modernised and made as simple as possible for everyone. There should be no reason why people could not vote online, or perhaps even by phone/text, in the 21st century, with a unique identifier. With so many reality TV shows asking people to ring, text or log in to vote for contestants, this is the standard of simplicity that people expect these days. Going out to an old church hall to fill in a paper form with a pencil just makes the whole process even more irrelevant to people than the actual politics manages to do on its own!