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Tell your story: story telling crowdsourcing approach within local government

Image Submitted by Victoria Silver
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Social media is largely untapped for improving public services. But powerful digital stories about experiences can teach us so much. People of all abilities can share stories and have testified how rewarding it can be when they discover a new voice, with the power to influence. There are many reasons why story telling should be taken seriously as part of the service design process. First and most obvious is co-decision making, leading to better decisions and intelligence. Crowdsourcing has been used to map concerns in Latvia when looking at what people pay to heat homes, but how would a crowdsourcing approach work within #localgov? The world is ageing and demand for care is growing. By 2050 Europe will have the oldest population in the world. As the number of carers grows, the challenge is how we connect them to practical support. Crowdsourcing of carer stories can be a powerful route to friendship and advice if organised around experiences and scenarios.